A place where I share my thoughts, share insights, and explore


Who am I?

I am a technology enthusiast, a PC gamer, and an IT Professional who is passionate about helping friends, family, and others with anything related to technology. I enjoy exploring the latest and greatest in Science and Technology, and discussing both with others.

I go by many names, but most on the Internet know me as “Smith6612.” How coincidental is my Domain name choice?

I can also be found on Flickr (I am particularly proud of my photos), YouTube, DSLReports, and on other locations across the Internet.


What is this site?

This website is both a place for me to experiment with web design, host projects and services to the Internet, and to also express my thoughts. I also use this place as a place to share knowledge and experiences, in a more professional and less stressful manner than what is provided by other platforms; back to simpler roots of the Internet. I aim to make this place an informative resource for those who really want to know more about the things I talk about in person, and to explore some of the cool things I work on.

This place is also an escape from Social Media. With the constant desire to further monetize communications platforms, many platforms have taken measures which result in content that is meaningful and respectful being swept under the rug. Instead, marketing and circular “news” takes over, and viral content that is only shortly amusing, leads to a dull and rather overwhelming experience. But hey, they make money. My goal is to avoid all of that, and to also maintain a place that is free of advertising or other distractions, which make the Internet frustrating to use.

I don’t aim for this place to be a news source. I don’t aim for it to be a massive web forum. I simply aim for this place to be a place where I can share my thoughts, in an “as-neutral-as-possible” way. As well as a place providing a good resource for hard to find information, as I post them.


Comments! Comments! Comments!

This is primarily a blog site, and I am also a person who loves to explore the different perspectives provided by others. Comments can help to entertain, teach, or shed light onto a controversial topic or post. I use Akismet in combination with Google reCAPTCHA to keep this place free of spam. These protections should be relatively unobtrusive, and I look forward to all comments.